Seddon Street Upgrade

As part of the development, Seddon Street will be completely remade to become the new civic heart of Subiaco. More than just a street, the public space will be designed to cater for events, such as weekend markets, festivals and other special events. Importantly, it will also be a quiet place to meet and relax during the week.

Seddon’s Street’s central location, between the old and new Subiaco, make it a critically important place. Its renewal will also assist provide an important catalyst to revitalise the Rokeby Road retail strip.

The upgrade work will include new, high quality surfaces and soft landscaping, including trees for shade. Power, water and other infrastructure will also be included to allow a wide range of events.

Widening of Seddon Street

Seddon Street will be widened at its centre. This is achieved by the new development increasing its setback and creating a covered area. More than simply providing additional area, this effectively creates a public square at the heart of Seddon Street. The space can be used for performances, concerts and other events and directly connects with Market Lane.


To support the operation of the markets, the development will provide a secure storage area, accessible from Merchant Lane and with convenient access to Seddon Street. This area can be used to store collapsible shade structures, stalls, furniture and other equipment that is used to quickly transform Seddon Street when required. The provision of an on-site shared storage area reduces the need for delivery vehicles to access the area on a regular basis to set up the space for markets or other community events.

Bringing Back the Markets

The development has been conceived in a way that enables the revival of the markets, albeit in a different format to suit the changing demographics and tastes. The markets consist of the Pavilion, including its tenancies, Market Lane, infrastructure within the development and temporary uses on Seddon Street. Each of these elements combine to work together to enable Seddon Street to operate as a location for weekend markets.

The new activity will also help to return vibrancy to the town centre, attracting locals, visitors from all over the metropolitan region and become an iconic tourist destination.

The Pavilion

The proposed development greatly increases the width of the pedestrian connection through the site between Roberts Road and Seddon Street. The Pavilion area is activated by smaller tenancies and supported by seating areas for people to meet and dwell. The space is able to be configured in different ways to ensure that it is comfortable throughout the year.

Upgrades to Market Lane

The Market Lane accessway adjacent to and within the site serves a dual purpose of servicing the adjacent Rokeby Road properties and providing an important north-south pedestrian connection between Seddon Street and Subiaco Train Station. Market Lane will be freely available and accessible to the public at all times and will be managed and maintained to a high standard. The lane is open to natural sunlight and ventilation and will integrate seamlessly with Seddon Street and the Pavilion.

Promoting Future Development

More than just an exercise in ‘future-proofing’, the design is conceived so that it promotes similar uses and activities from surrounding properties. The adjoining Rokeby Road tenancies backing onto Market Lane have openings which service the accessway. In time, the properties on Rokeby Road will be able to redeveloped in such a way that they utilise delivery and waste collection areas from Merchant Lane to the east.

Merchant Lane – Vehicular Access

The 6 metre wide Merchant Lane vehicular accessway from Roberts Road can be used by others during events which require the closure of Seddon Street. Maintaining access to other properties allows Seddon Lane to be closed for traffic during events. Additionally, properties to the west side of Catherine Street may utilise Merchant Lane, allowing Catherine Street’s historical streetscape to be maintained.

Public Amenities

As part of the development, bicycle parking on surrounding footpaths will be provided for the public. The site’s proximity to the train station and vibrant ground floor make it ideal for cyclists to visit the area. Increased use of bicycles will reduce traffic and reduce pressure on available car parking.

Bicycle Parking

A bicycle repair station will be provided on Seddon Street. The repair station will be conveniently located to provide for its shared use by the public.

Activation and Economic Development

The Subiaco Pavilion Markets site is currently the missing link in the streetscape activation in Subiaco. The location is critical as it sits on the threshold between the ‘old Subiaco’ and ‘new Subiaco’. The development and associated activation will break down the physical barrier Roberts Road creates by separating the two distinct areas.

Most importantly, the development will provide economic benefits which will be enjoyed across the broader Subiaco town centre area. In addition to the increased activity, local business confidence will improve, which in turn will provide a further catalyst for the revitalisation of Subiaco and public safety.

Public Parking

The development will provide 113 car parking bays and 20 moped bays for public use, in addition to the on-street parking on Seddon Street. These bays will be located on a dedicated basement level, directly below ground with clear and easy access.

Housing Diversity and Affordability

The development will incorporate demonstrated housing diversity, through the provision of an appropriate mix of dwelling types. In particular, more three-bedroom apartments for families are proposed. In contrast to previous proposals for the site, the number of one bedroom apartments has been greatly reduced and no short stay accommodation is included. The development will be specifically designed with owner occupiers in mind.

Surveillance and Night Time Safety

The development has been specifically designed with a substantial number of outward facing apartments, and a particular focus on achieving a highly activated and engaging ground floor plane. This results in an optimal outcome in terms of surveillance, safety and achieving Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design principles, as opposed to a development which does not specifically focus on these important elements.

Electric Car Charging Stations

An electric car charging bay is provided within the upper basement level, available for public use. In addition, an extra electric car charging station on Seddon Street will also be provided. This will assist in creating an improved network of charging stations in Perth, which is critical for the uptake of electric vehicles generally.

Reuse of Materials

In an acknowledgment of the site’s heritage, the development will reuse materials from the existing building’s structure. Timber floor boards, decorative columns, roof trusses and other elements are being investigated for repurposing at the ground floor in public areas. The reuse is a way of maintaining historical and social links to the previous uses of the site. The reuse adds richness to the new layer of history being added to the site.

Environmentally Sustainable Design Initiatives

The development will incorporate a range of environmentally sustainable design features to achieve a highly sustainable and green building outcome. These features often provide dual functional and sustainable benefits. The initiatives include,

  • Electric car charging stations and secure visitor bicycle parking.
  • A food waste processing system to serve the retail tenancies. This system converts food scraps produced by the food and beverage tenancies to organic compost which will be supplied to the City of Subiaco for use in parks and gardens. This reduces the amount of waste leaving the site and decreases the strain on existing landfill.
  • Smart meters throughout the development.
  • Use of renewable energy sources, such as solar photo-voltaic cells.
  • Apartments designed to specifically maximise passive benefits, including daylight and ventilation.
  • Natural light to apartment corridors and lobbies.
  • A whole of building reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of 15% and water consumption of 10%, compared to benchmark developments.
Providing Density in the Right Location

The redevelopment of the Subiaco Pavilion Markets site provides high density development in the right location. The site enjoys from excellent access to public transport, social and civic infrastructure within the Subiaco town centre. Importantly, the site is relatively separated from nearby residential properties, minimising the potential impacts on existing resident amenity.

This development assists Subiaco in achieving density targets without affecting the quiet, tree-lined streets that Subiaco is known for.