Who is Blackburne?

We are a local company that has been successfully creating great developments in WA for many years. Our integrated business model spans all areas of the property development life-cycle.

It’s our goal to create value through property. But even more than that, our ambition is to enrich lives; bringing to bear all of our skills to help our clients achieve their dreams, and build secure futures.

We have a long and rich history in Perth, particularly in and around Subiaco. We love the suburb and recently purchased this site because we believe strongly in the future of Subiaco. Our Founder, Owner and Managing Director, Paul Blackburne, lived across the road from the old Subiaco Pavilion Markets for many years. Paul still lives in the local area and is passionate about making Subiaco great again. We’ve assembled a team of the best local people – architects, planners, designers – to bring his vision to reality and make a real difference to the future of this historic inner-city suburb.

How do I find out more about Blackburne?

At Blackburne, we have a passion for property. The property developments we create benefit from our obsession, and so do our clients. They know that, from the ground up, every detail of their new apartment has been designed to deliver an exceptional lifestyle experience, all backed by a professional team delivering integrated property services.

Over many years it has been a catalyst for the business to forge together a remarkable group of progressive property thinkers. And while we’re proud of our long history, we’re about what’s next, what’s around the corner.

To find out more about what we do visit the Blackburne website

What is your vision for the site?

We want to create an exciting gateway into the heart of Subiaco. We want to bring people back into Subiaco for a great time, not just a good time. We’re among the many people and groups who want to make the suburb more vibrant than it has been in recent years. This amazing site has sat vacant for a decade, so it is well past the time when it should have been transformed. We want to create a world-class development with an amazing ground floor area that includes a town square for community events, food, market stalls and restaurants. Great places create great communities and this prime site deserves something special. The overall development will be mixed-use and so also include some commercial spaces and apartments, as it is ideally located in the heart of Subiaco and right next to public transport and other facilities.

What is the history of the site?

The old Subiaco Pavilion Markets were opened in 1983. Prior to that the building was a furniture shop for many years. The markets were closed about 10 years ago and the building and infrastructure on the site has effectively been abandoned, unloved and increasingly derelict. The site has been dragging down the future of Subiaco. Planning issues meant the previous owner had significant delays in trying to develop new buildings on the site. By the time a development approval was in place, the WA economy and property market was experiencing a downturn and the project was no longer viable. Blackburne purchased the site in July 2018. Since then we’ve been talking and listening to the local community to work out what’s best for the site. We are committed to creating something amazing for Subiaco. Recently we decided to bring back the markets as part of the development following feedback from hundreds of local residents.

What area does the site include?

The site is on the prime eastern corner of Rokeby and Roberts Road and includes the old carpark at the back and the vacant old Video Ezy shops on Roberts Road behind the carpark. The southern boundary of the site is Seddon Street. We intend to put any parking underground as this will open up the entire site for development and allow us to devote most of the ground level to public activity and amenities.

Will there be more than markets on the ground level?

Creating a market ‘feel’ throughout the week is our primary focus, and to do this there will be a mix of cafes, bars, restaurants, and shops around various ‘laneways’ that will run through the site. The markets will be an improved version of the old markets. We want to reference the past, but not repeat it. We know people loved visiting the old markets, but we know they really enjoy the contemporary versions they now experience in cities like Melbourne and Sydney. So, we want to make sure Subiaco moves forward too. Markets are great for all ages and can be enjoyed by everyone who loves to get out and about. We want to create something that links historic and new Subiaco to become the heart and soul of Subiaco again.

Why develop markets here?

We believe everyone loves a market! We think it will attract thousands of people to Subiaco every weekend. Many will come via train as we are located right next to Subiaco station. The site will become a gateway through which visitors can enter Subiaco and enjoy great food, drinks, entertainment and shopping. We won’t be attracting the footy crowds that used to come to Subi each weekend for just a few hours; instead we think we will attract a steady stream of visitors throughout the week to make Subiaco far more vibrant than it is now, which will assist and encourage local businesses to grow and create jobs.

What type of markets will they be?

Our vision is a vibrant mix of arts and crafts, international food, fresh produce, entertainment, buskers and community groups. There should be something for everyone. It will be relaxed but fun and exciting. We’d love to hear your thoughts, so go to our Facebook page and let us know what you think.

What will be the style of architecture and design?

We love the distinct local architecture of Subiaco and we want to create something new that fits in with the character and heritage of the commercial area along Rokeby Road. Our approach to architecture and design is not to create buildings that deliberately contrast and clash with the community around them in order to make a statement. As a gateway to the suburb from the train station, the site is a link between new and historic Subiaco. The design for the ground level is likely to have double height ceilings, lots of red brick, smooth lighting, stone pathways for the laneways and something that appeals to everyone. Our architects and design teams are working hard to create something amazing and we still have a lot more to do to make our vision a reality.

Is this the right place for a new mixed-use development?

The ground level will be amazing however even better is that this is the prime place for new apartments. Right next to a train station and near Subi Centro is a better place for new development than next door to the character home backstreets. New development can work well in the City of Subiaco but it needs to be in the right places and Subiaco Pavilion Markets site is the perfect place for new markets and new homes above.

What are the benefits to the local economy?

One of the best thing about good new development in the right places is the benefits to the local economy. There will be a huge flow on effect to the local economy.

The project will create 260 new jobs at a time when the WA economy really needs it. Blackburne will prioritise local suppliers and partners as we want to help bring Subi back and locals know the area better than anyone. There will be 3,000-4,000 new weekly visitors to Rokeby road on weekends and most importantly we expect many of them to visit by train. In our revised plans there will be a smaller number of apartments above but higher percentage of larger apartments for families, owner occupier downsizers and young professionals. This demographic will generally have more money to spend on local shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. There will be massive flow in effect to the local economy which we expect to be over $7 million a year into the local economy via new spending.

On- top of all this Blackburne will be investing over $2million in promoting Subiaco and the project in 2019 alone. Subiaco and the project will be all over TV, radio, print, online, social media and more. This will create huge public awareness that Subiaco is back, is  a great place to visit and open for business. Whilst it is primarily for our new project, everyone will benefit from increasing the profile and reputation of Subiaco. We need to let the world know Subiaco Pavilion markets are opening again and we have some amazing residential opportunities above. We estimate this will improve local property prices by between 3% and 5% alone which is on average $30,000 to $50,000 for every home.

When does construction start?

There are various processes to go through before we do anything on the site. We also need to finesse and finalise all our ideas for the site. We would like to start demolition and construction at the latest toward the end of 2019. We will leave the buildings and site untouched until we have all our plans in place.

Will there be parking?

On completion there is likely to be more than 100 underground car bays available to the public. With growing use of bicycles in Perth, we will put plenty of bike storage in the right places across the site. We really want to focus on encouraging people to visit Subiaco by train as the site is next to the train station. We want to attract people back to Subiaco, not more cars.

Who do you expect to come to the markets?

We believe everyone loves markets. Our vision of making the ground level of the site all about public activation and amenity means that we expect to attract lots of new visitors to try a day in Subiaco ; encourage old friends to return; and give local residents a new destination a short walk from their homes.

How do I stay in touch?

We’d love you stay in contact and share your thoughts along the way. You can also encourage others to have their say by sharing our posts on social media or our website. You can register below or like and follow our Facebook page here to keep up to date`

How do I get involved?

We think that by June 2019 we will be seeking expressions of interest for the best operators in WA to be part of the new Subiaco Pavilion Markets. We want to hear from everyone and assemble an amazing collection of the best food, beverage and market operators in WA. If you are interested in commercial opportunities you can contact us via our form.


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